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VP-PRO 合金钢车壳钻孔器

VP-PRO 最新推出了合金钢材质的车壳钻孔器,采用了黑色金属手柄和镀钛刀头,刀头有刻度,可以钻出1-14MM直径的孔,用完之后可以把锋利的刀头收入到安全盖中,保障安全的同时也能延长刀头的寿命
VP-PRO recently push out new body reamer with alloy steel material for car shells .
Coming with Black metal handle and Ti-coated tool tip allows to drill holes from 1 to 14mm in diameter. The respective size markings are laser-etched into the blade that is protected by a solid aluminium cap. It extends the life span of the blade
while guarantees security.

RS-606 Body reamer


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