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Powerstar RS634HV receiver


RS634HV is the latest creation from powerstar. This S-FHSS compatible receiver will operate with all the FUTABA S-FHSS surface systems, such as 3PV,4PV,4PX and 7PX.
The receiver has big operation voltage range from 3.5v to 8.4v. The small footprint and the short-antenna design makes it very easy to be installed in any RC vehicle (also, the antenna on the receiver can be replace). And the firmware can be updated later for more added features.
The build in PA makes a long operating range and a very stable signal reception, which is the most important thing for a receiver.
RS634HV 是powerstar的最新力作。这个兼容S-FHSS调制制式的接收机可以完美配合现有的FUTABA S-FHSS 地面遥控系统,例如3PV,4PV,4PX和7PX。该接收机拥有很宽的工作电压从3.5v到8.4v。它的小尺寸和隐藏天线设计使得他在任何车辆模型上的安装都十分简单方便(接收机上的天线可以更换)。同时它还保留的更改固件的接口,可以更新最新的固件以获得更多的新特色。内置的高频放大电路可以增加信号接收的强度和稳定性,这对接收机来说是最为重要的一方面。

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