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3DRC Wing Button Set TC

The perfect solution to increase downforce of the touring car rear wing.

This 3D printed set includes the aerodynamic shaped wing buttons, a 3 degree angled wedges and large surfaced 5.5mm nuts.

The whole set weights only 1.5 gram and is perfect to fit all lightweight touring car bodies. The wedge will be installed between body and wing to give the wing more attack angle and higher downforce.

After many tests, team drivers found a significant difference in handling with angled wings and like the option to get some more downforce especially on low grip tracks.

You only need 2 M3x8mm flat head screws for installation.

This set is available through 3DRC’s Shapeways store or at select hobby shops.



 3DRC on Facebook: www.facebook.com/3drc.michael.vollmer/

3DRC Shapeways Store: www.shapeways.com/shops/3drc?li=pb

3DRC on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK93V2KvK8z8xyWXALaNR1Q/videos?view_as=subscriber




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