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CEN Reeper 美國SEMA展熱烈展出

CEN Reeper American Force Edition 美國SEMA汽車零配件展熱烈展出中,這是RC與汽車工業聯合行銷的一個精典範列,本次CEN 特別推出Reeper American Force版本,其輪框為全新開發,針對美國American Force經典款擬真開發而成,藉由American Force在美國的高人氣,將Reeper形象重新定義,Reeper American Force Edition版本輪框往外延伸的10mm,讓車輛寬度一口氣加寬了20mm,車輛塗裝也與真車一模一樣,車輛看起來更加霸氣! 資料來源 : CEN Racing
Reeper American Force Edition is here! SEMA 2017 at American Force booth. AF Edition comes with official licensed Legend SS8 wheels and licensed Fury Off Road Country M/T. Also comes with Kaos adjustable battery tray.
American Force Edition wheels DO have an extra +10mm off set more than the standard Reeper wheels for wider stance. No need for wheel extension which kills your wheel bearings. You CAN purchase this chrome Legend SS8 separately as parts. If you love the killer wide stance get this wheels. You won’t be disappointed!!
Starting tomorrow cenracing.com will start taking PRE order. $705


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