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SWORKz S35-GT 引擎版新上市

SWORKz以S35-GTE 打造引擎GT版本,全新前後懸吊系統及1/8平跑車中央二段變速結構,全車重量僅3450g加上SWORKz 高傳動效能的優異體質,將徹底顛覆您對GT車的看法,
Based on the latest SWORKz S35-GTE platform (1/8 Brushless power On-road GT Car), SWORKz further developed and improved the nitro GT and came up with the S35-GT.
The S35-GT is the ultimate SWORKz 1/8th nitro On-road GT Car at this moment. Its new front and rear suspension design share from S35-GTE
and build the front Ackerman steering system came directly from the 1/8th S35-3 nitro Buggy. A new center 2 speed on-road transmission system gives all round improvements to the S35-GT.
The S35-GT newly designed arms are made from a strong standard nylon material. Optional carbon covers are available to adjust the arm’s stiffness.
With the new unique front shock tower design allow you to change the front upper angle position easily.
The T-7075 aluminum chassis with its new design L.F.C (Lower Friction Coefficient) system will give more grip and at the same time less friction for the rear.
A new radio tray system gives better and more precise throttle and braking response.
The S35-GT includes high quality parts, a refined shock system, more options and an optimized suspension geometry.
SWORKz utilizes only the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing processes, resulting in a faster, stronger and more reliable vehicle. The SWORKz S35-T Pro Truggy Kit has been designed to out-perform the competition on any Off-Road terrain, while offering amazing performance to drivers of all levels.
S35-GT Kit Features:
S35-GT series Nitro on-road GT Car T-7075 Aluminum Lightened Main Chassis with L.F.C system (Lower Friction Coefficient)
S35-GT Series Front and Rear Pro Shock Towers made of Lightened T-7075 Aluminum for GT-BBS shocks system.
S35 Series BBS Emulsion Shock Caps.
S35-3 Series Lightened Transmission Gear Box System with High Performance Crown Gears and Pinion Gears.
Front and Rear Universal Drive Shafts with Special Lightened 6mm Axle Wheel Hub system.
S35-3 Series Aluminum Rear Lower Fully Adjustable Toe-In Block (A).
S35-3 Series Competition Aluminum Steering Knuckle Plates.
S35-GT new center 2 speed on-road transmission system.
S35-GT/GTE On Road Bumper and rear body poster system.
Heavy Duty Front and Rear Arms
Professional 2.0 Metal Brake Calipers.
New 150cc Floating Fuel Filter System Tank.
Adjustable Front Upper and Lower Suspension Arm System.
S35-3 Series Pro-composite Carbon Front Upper Arm Covers.
Ground Clearance:15mm
Track:F:302mm /R306mm
Gear Ratio : C:57/61,19/24T, F/R 43/13T

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