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Arrowmax 1/10 房車調整套裝現黑金版本

AM-171040 B (2)

Arrowmax 最新的 1/10 房車專用調整套裝現推出全新的黑金版本。要在賽事取得勝利,關鍵在於車架的各種設定調整。由高品質鋁合金經精密加工切割制造並刻上準確的度數,配上高強度膠片所造的刻度尺,裝在帶海綿的專用盒子內。Arrowmax 經典的蜂窩式設計令整套調車套裝更輕巧。

Arrowmax 1/10 Touring car Set-Up System now available in the new Black Golden design, Having the best chassis setup is critical if you want to win. This set-up system is precision machined from high-grade aluminum, and rigid acrylic, with precise engraving for instant, reliable readings. Packaged in a nice box with foam inserts for comfortable and safe storage, and the honey comb design helps to keep the tool lightweight and provide the unmistakable Arrowmax look.

Weblink: www.arrowmax-rc.com

AM-171040 B (7) AM-171040 B (11)

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