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AM Lipo 2800mAh 2S TX/RX 7.4V Hump Pack


Product-description 油動車架的玩家一直希望能有更大容量的接收機電池以對應長時間的比賽,為了應對玩家的訴求,Arrowmax 宣布推出容量達 2800mAh 的方型接收機用鋰電池。體積為 57mm x 31mm x 31mm, 適合市面上大部分需要用方型鋰電池的越野油動車架。原帶 Futaba 式插座及平衡插。現已上市。

Your request for a Li-po receiver pack that can sustain longer mains are now answered, Arrowmax introduce their first 2800mAh 2S hump-pack receiver battery to cater the needs of Nitro Buggy lovers. Measure at 57mm x 31mm x 31mm in size, which are perfect for most receiver compartment that calls for a hump pack configuration. Come with Futaba-style and balance plugs, these batteries are suitable for both on and off-road needs. Available now.AM-700913

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