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Arrowmax 1/10電房黑金工具套裝

Arrowmax release a 8pcs tools set with the latest Black Golden finishing, design specially for Electric Touring car lovers. Include in the set are 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm allen wrench, all in 100mm length, a small size reamer, a 7.0 x 100mm nut driver, a 3.0x 100mm arm reamer, together with a 3mm and 4mm turnbuckle wrench. Come in the new AM Version 2 tool bag. Available now.


Arrowmax 推出專為 1/10電房而設的黑金工具套裝。一套八件,內含 1.5mm、2.0mm及 3.0mm六角起子,全為 100mm長。此外還附有小型開孔器,7.0 x 100mm的套筒,3.0 x 100mm的搖臂擴孔器,3mm 及 4mm的推桿調整工具。全套以 AM V2版本的工具包包裝。現已上市。



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