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延續其製造專業工具以滿足 RC玩家需求的傳統,Arrowmax再次推出一系列工具錐以完善其產品線。全新的絲錐分為 M3、M4及 M5尺寸,可讓安裝高硬度的混合纖維塑料件的安裝過程更為輕鬆,也可加強零件的耐用性。全部絲錐均採用 Arrowmax最新的黑金蜂窩版本手柄,現已上市。 
Continuing the tradition on manufacturing professional tools to cater the needs of RC racer, Arrowmax had introduce a range of taper tools to accomplish that perfect build. Come in M3, M4 and M5 size, these taper tools will help to ease installation on a hard composite parts and improve the durability of said parts. All come in with our newest version Black-Golden honeycomb handle. Avaliable now.
資訊來源 : www.arrowmax-rc.com

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