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Velox V8 “WC" Limited Simon Kurzbuch Edition

“Team Shepherd is proud to reveal details on the “Velox V8 ‘WC’ Limited Kurzbuch Edition” issued to celebrate Simon’s victory at the World Championship in 2015 as well as 5 ENS victories in a row in 2015/2016. The “Limited Kurzbuch Edition” is a 1:1 replica of Simon’s car concerning the included option parts such as hard plastic suspension parts, low friction pulley set, aluminium wheel axles, titanium pivot balls and screws, brass weights and battery plate, “team edition” reverse clutch, carbon bumper stiffener, aluminium bearing excentrics and others which replace the standard parts. The kit is limited to only 100pcs in total and features laser engravings of Simon’s signature as well as the serial number. The kit with the number 001/100 went up for auction for a good cause with the benefits being donated to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation in Heidelberg close to the Shepherd headquarter.
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