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SOAR speedbull racing team 正式啟動

15555597_562788710596173_1081493741_o經過6過月的準備,我即將成立一支競賽團隊,正式命名為TEAM-SPEEDBULL 在這個團隊裡我們網羅了許多的人才,來打造未來的夢幻團隊,資深rc技術顧問,世界級的機械師,他曾經幫助他的車手取得世界冠軍,以及多屆歐洲盃冠軍,以及我們正式簽約的兩位年輕車手,我們希望在團隊的支援下,將這兩位年輕選手,送上世界RC殿堂的頂端
在這支車隊裡,我們分別有專業的設計者配合soar 工廠的高端零件生產技術,以及資深的RC顧問,並且我們的隊經理擁有許多世界大賽經驗,最具特別在這隻成立的車隊裡,我們配屬,專業美工行銷人員,我們企圖打造一支F1等級的遙控競賽團隊,我們將在近期公開團隊名單
SOAR SPEEDBULL Racing Team Initiating…
After six months of preparation, we will be releasing a race team formally named TEAM-SPEEDBULL.
We have recruited many talented specialists to build the future dream team consisting of a senior tech consultant, a world class mechanic who has helped his driver win the world championship along with many European Championships as well as two young officially signed drivers.
With the support of our team we will help to push these two young racers to the top of the RC world. Among our selection, we have the professional design, the high-end technology in parts manufacturing from the SOAR factory, the senior RC consultant and the world championship experience from our team manager. Moreover, there is an exclusive crew of art design and marketing for the team. We intend to create an F1 class RC race team. The team member list will be released very soon.

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