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經歷多年不斷的研發和測試,Arrowmax正式 宣佈推出全新的第三代工具芯材- AM Tungsten Steel (簡稱ATS)。 Arrowmax 工程開發團隊,在鎢鋼的基材上,加入可以增加韌性的元素 ,成功研製出更適合手工具芯材的物料。不單擁有彈簧鋼的韌性,更能提供比 HSS鋒鋼更高的硬度。再配合航空級別鈦塗層,令工具耐用度大幅提升。每支批芯會研磨出一個小平面,以激光鐳射上 Arrowmax 的商標,備有多種尺寸發售,現已上市。
台灣經銷 : 康祐模型 07-225-1947

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Years in research and development behind close doors, Arrowmax are now ready and proud to present our 3rd generation tool tips – with the unique AM Tungsten Steel. Arrowmax engineers had work night and day to come up with a unique mixture of Tungsten Steel materials and addictive that will enhance flexibility, to create the ultimate materials for tool tips. Not only having the torsional flex characteristics of spring steel, what makes it really stand out are the hardness, which is harder then HSS steel. Combine with our aero-grade Titanium Nitride coating, these tool tips provide the perfect feel and durability. Arrowmax have machine a flat surface then laser-engrave our logo to create that elegant look. Available in different sizes and ready to order now.

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