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TEAMSAXO 11月新上市XRAY T4 17專用碳纖底盤

add-photoTEAMSAXO 11月份新上市了XRAY T4 17專用碳纖底盤TS01140,該底板採用高質量2.25mm碳纖板材製作,舵機的支架在底板的中心位置,這樣能確保完美的平衡,底板有鑽多了幾個孔位,用於舵機支架的定位銷,使得舵機不會再受阻力影響或是碰撞的時候移位,而且還給舵機雙重保護臂的鋁轉向柱預留了空間,使得車子更易於駕駛,為了確保底板的完美特性,在馬達座的左側和右側都開了卡位。


Teamsaxo is releasing it’s new chassis TS01140, made from 2.25mm carbon fiber and special designed for Xray-T4’17 car, The new design of the chassis now allows the mounting of the new servo holder into the absolute center of the chassis, ensuring perfect balance.
The chassis features new pre-drilled holes for the new centering pins of the servo holder, which helps to ensure that the servo will not move even under hard impacts or collisions.

The all-new chassis also includes new positions for the aluminum steering posts of the dual servo saver, to make your car more easier to drive. To guarantee perfectly-equal chassis flex characteristics, the motor cutouts are now milled on both left and right sides.





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