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Arrowmax 全新設計車輛墊高塊


為更好配合新推出的黒金配色產品,Arrowmax 現推出全新設計的車輛墊高塊。透過精密的加工切割技術,我們的蜂巢式設計得到全新的詮釋,令產品外觀更為優雅。高度為 20mm,適合房車類別或 1/10越野車使用。現已上市。台灣經銷 : 康祐模型 07-225-1947


To match our newest line-up of Black-Golden tools, Arrowmax are now introducing their newest edition of chassis droop gauge block. Through detail machining, our signature honeycomb design reach a new level of elegance. Measuring 20mm in height, a perfect match for touring cars or 10th scale buggy. Available now.

Weblink: www.arrowmax-rc.com


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