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Arrowmax 2016世界賽限定版電房修車台

為慶祝2016年 1/12電動平跑車及電動房車世界賽首次於中國北京舉行,Arrowmax 推出了限量發售並經全新設計的電動房車修車台. 全球限量 200個,帶全新造型黑金配色的鋁合金底座,搭配 2mm 厚的碳纖維面板,並貼上厚度適中的防滑海綿並印上本屆世界賽的官方標記. Arrowmax這款新產品除實用外,亦能作為中國歷史性首次主辦世界賽的紀念品. 現已發售, 售完即止。



To celebrate the 1/12th and ISTC World championship helding in Beijing, China 2016, Arrowmax had release a limited edition touring car car-stand. With a limited quantity of 200pcs world-wide, the car stand spot a brand new Black-golden honey-comb design full aluminium stand combine with a 2mm thick carbon-fiber top plate complete with foams to gurantee a scratch-free experience. With the 2016 IFMAR World championship logo printed, Arrowmax newest addition can serve as a souviner or a practical car stand. Order while stock last.


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