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揭開Soar 工廠 如何創造世界冠軍品質的面紗

Soar 工廠一直以來,很低調的在從事RC界的專業代工,我們從3年前轉型成立自己的品牌銷售部門,最近很多人來至全世界各地都在討論SOAR到底是什麼樣的公司,我們決定公開一些照片讓大家了解SOAR是如何製造出高水準的零件,以及SOAR品管控制的流程,我們擁有最先進的加工技術與機器,讓我們可以達到世界冠軍的品質與技術。

SOAR factory had been an OEM company in RC industry and we had established our own brand and sales department three years ago, Recently, many people around the world are discussing what kind of company SOAR is. We decide to unveil how SOAR makes high-quality parts and our QC process. We own the most advanced manufacturing technics and machines which enable us to maintain world-champion quality and skills.

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