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SERPENT SRX8 前後鋁合金避震板

採用7075 T6鋁材切削成型,極致加工及輕量化,更增加了耐用度,賽場必備改裝件,現正登場。 台灣經銷 : 康祐模型 07-225-1947

13873145_1135411619812912_766505568566849343_n13686788_1135411673146240_1175014068282638710_n 13872688_1135411676479573_5546644447280925188_nAs optionals for the Cobra SRX8 buggy Serpent offer these durable yet lightweight machined aluminum shocktowers in 7075 T6 quality.

The shocktowers comes grey anodized and are laser engraved. Assembly is same as with the standard carbon fibre shocktowers. Multiple positions for shock angle and roll-centers.

The aluminum towers are more durable and have less flex compared to carbon ones, which will help for steering and traction.

600846 Shocktower FR alu SRX8
600847 Shocktower RR alu SRX8


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