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Arrowmax 4S 14.8V 鋰電池新上市

AM-700501-2 Arrowmax 進一步擴展旗下非常受歡迎的的鋰電池系列,推出首款 4S 14.8V 產品。採用硬質外殼設計,體積為 139mm x 47mm x 48mm,配有已預先焊接的 T型插座及平衡插座,最適合 1/8電動越野車使用。備有 5200mAh 及 6750mAh 兩個版本,兩者均採用連續電流 55C 及 瞬間電流 110C的高質量電芯製造~現已上市。台灣經銷 : 康祐模型  07-225-1947

AM-700501 AM Lipo 5200mAh 4S – 14.8V 55C continuous 110C Burst


Product-description Arrowmax further expand its Li-Po battery range by introducing the 4S 14.8V variant of its highly successful line-up. Featuring a hard case design and measure at 139mmx 47mmx 48mm, come with a pre-solder T-plugs and balancing plug, this battery are ideal for 1/8th EP buggy application.Available in 5200mAh using high quality batteries with 55C continuous and 110C burst rate. Ready for order now.


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