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ARROWMAX 7800mAh 2S TC – 7.6V 55C Lipo 電池新上市



Arrowmax 宣告推出全新的高電壓系列鋰電池。使用了鋰電池的最新科技,新高壓系列擁有 7.6V 的標示電壓,透過使用合適的充電器,鋰電池充滿將能安全地達至 8.7V 或 4.35V單塊的最高電壓。提供更強的爆發力之餘亦能有更理想的放電曲綫表現,適合對電量不作限制的比賽或一般休閒玩樂使用。本系列高壓鋰電池同樣接受 8.4V或 4.2V單塊的最高充電值,並且依然提供更佳的放電效應,令電量衰減效應減少,就算在放電周期的尾聲,亦能保持強勁的爆發力。配備標準的硬殼,帶 5mm 鍍金插座令內阻進一步降低。官網 : www.arrowmax-rc.com   台灣經銷 : 康祐模型  07-225-1947


Arrowmax produly introduce the pinnacle of Lipo batteries technology, the High Voltage version of our popular batteries line-up. The new High-Voltage line up now boost a 7.6V nominal voltage, with a proper charger, the batteries can be savely charge up to 8.7V or 4.35V per cell. Providing more punch and at the same time a more ideal discharge rate, these batteries are best use for un-sanction racing or basher alike. These batteries can still be charge to a normal 8.4V or 4.2V per-cell and still maintain a flater discharge curve, which means the batteries pack will remain with a better “punch" charateristics at the end of it’s discharge cycle. Come in a standard hard case with “5mm" gold plated plugs to aid lowering internal resistence.


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