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JJ Wang 加入Xray廠隊行列


XRAY廠方公告美國華裔明日之星的JJ WANG正式加入XRAY廠隊行列,XRAY廠方表示JJ是目前在RC賽事領域相當具有天份的車手,未來將行駛XRAY電動硬地及越野車款參賽,包含 T4, X12, X1, XB2 & XB4車款,JJ也將代表XRAY參加美國主要的公開賽及其他相關國際賽事。

XRAY is excited to announce that the young Chinese-American super star JJ Wang has joined the XRAY. JJ Wang is one of the most talented drivers on the RC car scene at this moment and will focus on racing with both on-road and off-road electric platforms including: T4, X12, X1, XB2 & XB4. JJ will participate in 2016 at major national races in USA as well as some other international races. We are very happy to have JJ onboard.

JJ says:

After the departure from my previous team, I had the opportunity and freedom to try almost every platform in the market. After several extended testing with most of the brands, XRAY was by far the most consistent in performance and quality. I am very happy and thankful to join Team XRAY and be a part of the family for years to come. Special Thanks to Hudy family for this opportunity.

JJ‘s best achievements:

• Top 15 at 1/10 ISTC World Championship 2014 Florida
• AOC R1 Champion

JJ will participate in 2016 at:

• 1/10 ISTC World Championship, China
• Timezone race, USA
• Hot Race Summer Cup

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