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Teamsaxo 1/12 GT300W-V2 升級版平跑車

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Teamsaxo 很高興推出升級版1/12 GT300W-V2。 Teamsaxo研發團隊結合各個代理商和車手的意見,在升級版車解決改良了舊版車中的所有問題。另外做出了以下改良:1,採用最新最硬的塑膠件材料,金屬件也是用最硬的鋁材7075。2,調低了前懸掛座,換成快拆馬達座3,後軸改成英制,這一系列改良使車的轉向及操作更簡易,讓車手體驗更流暢,更快速的賽車過程。

資料來源 :  http://www.saxoracing.com/


Teamsaxo updated Version 1/12 Car Kit GT300W-V2

Teamsaxo is glad introducing updated Version Car Kit of GT300W-V2. In V2 Teamsaxo developing group combined suggestions from distributors and drivers, solved all the problem occur in old version. Also made following improvements: 1,adopted latest and hardest for plastic and metal accessories 2,Lowered the front suspension seat, motor seat changed to fast disassembly 3, rear bearing adopted british system. With the changes and improvements make car easy for steering and operating, Let’s you experience the smoother and faster racing!

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